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Economic Resource Center for Migrants and Overseas Employees
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ERCMOVE offers various capacity-building interventions with the end in view of harnessing the potentials of individual migrants and organised migrants towards local social and economic development of their countries of origin.

Financial Literacy

  • Microfinance Orientation for Nongovernment organizations (NGOs)/Community-based Organisations (CBOs)

ERCMOVE advocates for the increased awareness of the importance of the role of microfinance in the migrants’ home, as well as host, country. This is in line with ERCMOVE’s financial literacy campaign for migrants and overseas workers. To date, microfinance has gained meritorious success in creating jobs and reducing poverties in various parts of the world, mostly in developing countries. ERCMOVE believes that there is a need to build and focus on the potential of migrants and overseas workers to harness the resources of these workers through microsavings and microinvestments in host and home countries. These activities allow them to save for themselves and their future as well as financially educate their families and relatives back home. It is, thus, an irresistible win-win situation.

  • Financial Advisory Services (personal finance/NGO funds)

ERCMOVE offers advisory services to migrants and migrant organisations to enable them to harness their potentials to contribute to social and economic development in their host and home countries.

Technical Assistance to NGOs

ERCMOVE offers courses that can also be tailor-made to the needs of the group or organisation.

  • Strategic Planning

Every group or organisation needs a strategic plan to achieve its objectives. It covers a particular product, service or program. There are many types of strategic plans, e.g., goals-based, issues- or problem-based, and organizational-based plans.

  • Event (conference/meetings) Organising and Reporting

Event organizing and reporting can be difficult tasks without a proper plan that can be implemented during the event. Ability to capture the outcomes of a conference or a meeting and properly disseminating these can serve in analyzing current or recurring issues and preventing the occurrence of the same issues in the future.

  • Project Proposal Workshop/Writeshop

Writing a project proposal can be both simple and complicated. It may start with a brainstorming of thoughts and ideas on how to solve problems that a group or organisation experiences. The workshop/writeshop includes the basic elements of a project proposal and the possible sources of financial and non-financial support for implementing the project.

  • Communications as a Tool in Group and Community Development

Communication is the transfer of information and understanding from one person to another or from a group of persons (organisation) to another. Because organisations are composed of persons, ERCMOVE believes they need effective communication in all directions. There are proven ways to achieve efficient and effective communications. To be able to communicate well is not an in-born talent, it is a skill that can be learned.

  • Capacity Building in the area of ICT

ICT, is a growing industry throughout the world. It makes life easier. Distance is no longer an obstacle, low cost internet calls, emailing, chatting (not only audio but also visual) with the other side of the world is now possible! People from all walks of life can profit from ICT. However, whereas highly educated people have the opportunity to benefit from the rapidly changing innovations in ICT, people with lesser means and professional experience may lag behind in this field. There is therefore a need to bridge this gap through capacity building in the area of ICT. ERCMOVE provides orientation sessions on ICT and how it can facilitate communications to share information between migrants, home country organizations, and other organizations involved in migration and development advocacy.

  • Participatory Rapid Appraisal (PRA)

Participation by stakeholders is one of the critical components in the success of any development work. The terms people participation popular participation, community participation, and stakeholder participation have now become part of the language of development workers and change agents. Participatory rapid appraisal is a method where researchers transform into learners and listeners, respecting local/organisational intellectual and analytical capabilities.

  • Monitoring and Evaluation

Monitoring is the measurement through time that indicates the positive or negative movement towards the organisation’s or group’s mission, vision, goals, objectives, strategies, programs and projects. Monitoring provides information about the status and trends of the use of a group, about the use of an organization resources based on certain predetermined periods.

Evaluation and monitoring go hand in hand. Monitoring provides the raw data in preparing an evaluation of a group or organisation in its aims and use of its resources. The evaluation may serve as a basis for analysing problems and proposing solutions.