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EuroPinas Investment
Brief Information
June 2011


EuroPinas Investment Club (EPIC) was registered with the Chamber of Commerce on January 1, 2011 in accordance with the laws of The Netherlands. It continues each calendar year unless earlier termination as hereinafter provided.


Two major types of members, namely: Investing Partners and Associate Members.

  1. Investing Partners (also referred to as “Partners”) are members who take part in collective investments by putting agreed amount into a “basket” that will be used solely for investment purposes.
  2. Associate Members are members who take part in all other activities and are aspiring to become Investing Partners. However, they are participants in investment only up to that amount that is invested out of the membership fees. In this case, both Associate Members and Investing Partners will have proportional share of invested amount that comes from membership fee fund.


LEE (Learn, Earn, Enjoy) are the main activities to achieve the Club’s purposes.

  1. Learn and develop investment skills through workshops and seminars on investments and financial management.
  2. Invest the collective assets which shall be known as EPIC Investment Basket, solely in stocks, bonds and other securities (collectively herein referred to as “securities”)
  3. Participate in social activities to enhance esprit de corps within the Club.


  1. Board - Officers in the Board shall be President, Vice-President, Secretary, Treasurer, Auditor, and one non-executive Board Member. The Board shall initially function also as an Investment Committee until such time that a separate investment committee is formed.
  2. Investment Committee - The Investment Committee oversees the investment of funds and investment pools in accordance with herein defined investment policies, develops and monitors investment policies and procedures. The Coordinator of Investment Affairs shall coordinate the Committee’s activities.
  3. Promotional Affairs Committee – The Promotional Affairs Committee oversees the recruitment of new members in coordination with the Vice-President. The Committee is also responsible for public relations and other promotional activities in coordination with the Secretary. The Coordinator of Promotional Affairs shall coordinate the Committee’s activities.
  4. Review Committee – The Review Committee shall comprise the Auditor, the Treasurer, and one Non-Officer Member. The Committee shall be responsible for the annual review of the Club’s financial condition and verification of records before an annual financial report is presented to members. The Auditor shall coordinate the Committee’s activities.