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EPIC EuroPinas Investment Club

About EPIC

EPIC is an acronym for EuroPinas Investment Club. EuroPinas is a combination of Europe and Pilipinas. It is an association formed by Dutch-Filipino residents in the Netherlands with the aims to promote investment literacy within the community and enjoy putting investment knowledge into actual practice. Thus, the motto Learn, Earn, Enjoy (LEE).

Please click here to see and print the EPIC brochure.

Club Purposes

  1. Learn and develop investment skills through workshops and seminars. Educate members and non-members in fields that relate to investments and financial management.
  2. Invest the collective assets which is known as EPIC Investment Basket, solely in stocks, bonds and other securities.
  3. Organize social activities to enhance esprit de corps within the Club, thus, the motto: learn, earn, enjoy.

Types of EPIC Membership:

Investing Partners are members who take part in collective investments by putting an agreed amount into a fund that will be used solely for investment purposes.

Associate members are members who take part in all other activities and are aspiring to become Investing Partners.

Membership fee: Euros 20 per year

Minimum investment: one share is equivalent to net asset value per share as of the preceding business day.

EPIC Platform for its investments:

Our Activities

  • General Assembly meetings for associate members and investing partners.
  • Financial Literacy Seminar-Workshops
  • Orientation Briefings


Chairperson: Corazon Dee
Vice Chairperson: Beth Nielsen
Treasurer: Junfer dela Cruz
Secretary: Esther Velasco
Auditor: Livia Zerna
Coordinator of Promotional Affairs: Eddie Cruz
Events Coordinators: Liza Moncada and Elma Balmaceda

Contact Us

Phone: 010-5013343
Website: c/o
Chamber of Commerce (KVK) Registration number: KVK 5150955
Bank Account: Vereniging EuroPinas Investment Club ABN AMRO NL67 ABNA 0629 3125 59