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ERCMOVE Board of Trustees

Corazon Dee, PhD, Chair

Corazon Dee (A.B. Behavioral Science [Cum Laude]; Master in Business Administration [MBA]; and PhD Development Studies) has wide experience on the areas of local and regional government administration; urban poor housing; poverty reduction strategies; gender and development, microfinance, migration and development, and water resources management in the Netherlands, Philippines and other cities. For more than ten years, she was a gender, housing, and urban development specialist of the Institute for Housing and Urban Development Studies (IHS), an international organization based in Rotterdam, The Netherlands. In 2006 she joined the Rotterdam School of Management (RSM) – Executive Education and Development, Erasmus University, one of the leading business schools in the world, and managed the United Nations Senior Management Network Programme for more than two years. She was appointed Visiting Lecturer/Professor of the Ateneo de Davao University in the Philippines in November 2008 and awarded as a short term Balik Scientist (returning scientist) for 2009 by the Department of Science and Technology (DOST), Philippines. In July 2010, she joined the PUM Netherlands Senior Experts to support them in their important task of providing international development assistance wherever and whenever they are best needed.

Motivation for joining ERCMOVE

Migration and development phenomena were new to me when I joined the informal meetings initiated by a core group of migrant Filipinos based in Switzerland, Italy, and The Netherlands. Later on, I attended not only meetings but national and international conferences as well. This led to my better understanding of the problems and opportunities of migration and development as rediscovered phenomena, and the important role that migrants and overseas workers play in making a difference through their remittances in improving the local socioeconomic development in the developing countries of origin. Now, I am fully convinced of the link between migration and development and the tremendous potential of the efficient use of not only financial remittances but also of brain gain brought about by the migrants expertise sent back to those who are left behind. This motivates me to convince others, the committed members of the board of ERCMOVE, active volunteers, partner organisations and supportive individuals to contribute in whatever way we could in achieving the shared mission and goal of ERCMOVE and our humble contribution to the attainment of the Millennium Development Goals.

Elsa Buenaventura, MBA, Secretary

Elsa Buenaventura completed her Bachelor of Arts studies, with Economics as her major, and MBA in the Philippines. Her career has been mainly focused on credit risk management in ING Bank and ABN AMRO Bank, working in Hong Kong, Amsterdam, Singapore and Hanoi. In ING, she was the first employee of a foreign branch (Hong Kong) to be assigned to work in Head Office in Amsterdam. She is currently on sabbatical leave from ABN AMRO Bank. Her latest position was Vice President in the Group Audit department, focusing on operational audits, model audits and projects involving Basel II and Sarbanes Oxley.

Motivation for joining ERCMOVE

ERCMOVE is an excellent means of giving back to society. It provides us a way of contributing our time and the benefit of our experience and education to help improve the lot of our countrymen and others in developing countries.

My career has provided me the opportunity to live in several countries and also work in projects in various other countries in Asia, Europe and the Americas, thereby developing my skill to work in multi-cultural environments. I enjoy providing solutions and assistance, and adding significant value to all projects in which I get involved. I hope to be able to do this in ERCMOVE.

Beth Nielsen, BS Management Engineering, Treasurer

Beth Nielsen is a management engineer by profession. She worked overseas before coming to stay in the Netherlands. She is an experienced traveller for work and vacation to the Middle East, Asia, Canada, USA, Europe and Indian Ocean Island (Seychelles). She contributes her experience in fundraising and organising events for ERCMOVE.


Motivation for joining ERCMOVE:

I was approached by Ms. Dee to be one of the volunteers of ERCMOVE. It was my pleasure to be considered as one. Upon learning the basic structure and purposes of the said organisation, I have no doubts in my mind that this organisation and its project on mobilising microsavings and investments is one of the practical and efficient ways of saving and helping other people at the same time. I have seen a lot of people from different walks of life, various lifestyles and various places – the rich can very well take care of themselves, but it is discouraging to see the poor who are less fortunate for some reasons and therefore need help. I see ERCMOVE’s important role in providing financial literacy, specifically, savings and investments, to those who need it most. I believe in ERCMOVE’s vision of the future and I am committed to share my time and other resources I can afford to contribute to its success.

Anne Marie Eind, MSc Economics, Member

Anne Marie Eind is an economist by profession and belongs to the core of civil service staff in one of the municipalities in the Netherlands. She shares her wealth of experiences in working (formal and volunteer) with migrants in the Netherlands.

Motivation for joining ERCMOVE

I am an active member of the church where I meet a lot of migrants who are eager to help other migrants here in The Netherlands and their families who are left behind. At ERCMOVE, I get a lot of information from the meetings and conferences I attend and, in turn, I share these acquired knowledge with those who I am in contact with in church. My involvement with ERCMOVE also gives me a better perspective of the policies we formulate at the municipal level for the better integration of migrants in The Netherlands.

Resource Persons

Eduardo Cruz, MD

Eddie Cruz, is a medical doctor by profession. He is Dutch of Filipino origin who practised medicine for several years in Surinam before coming to The Netherlands to share his expertise with Erasmus Medical Center, one of the biggest medical training center in The Netherlands. He is also the active chairperson of another foundation assisting international seafarers, Community Advocacy for Seafarers Concerns Organisation (C.A.S.C.O.) which has been nominated together with 19 other volunteer organizations to the Het Compliment award. He contributes his wealth of experience as a successful migrant.

Motivation for joining ERCMOVE

Being out of the Philippines for more than three decades and one who has travelled a lot, I have seen and heard stories of how our poor co-Filipinos are in search of jobs and greener pastures somewhere else. They are willing to sacrifice a lot just so they could earn enough for decent food on the table, good education for their children and extend loans to relatives. Some of these jobs are backbreaking like domestic helpers, babysitters, caregivers, and seafarers. A lot of them are lowly paid professionals who have opted to work in other countries because in the Philippines, the pay they receive is not enough for their family's needs. What is sad is, after they have worked hard for so long, they end up poor upon their return. This is because they have not learned how to save and plan for their future needs. At ERCMOVE, one of our services is to make migrants and overseas workers financially literate so that they can have a better future for themselves and their families.

Rolando C. Calizo

Rolando Calizo is former assistant manager of Stolt Nielsen Transport Group, one of the big international shipping transport companies with a branch office in The Netherlands. He contributes his planning, budgeting, and accounting skills to ERCMOVE.



Motivation for joining ERCMOVE

I grew up striving to improve my future despite my family's lack of resources. I know there are others out there suffering, who are in need of resources to build their future. ERCMOVE is at present a small organization with a vision to advocate for microsavings/microinvestments to be used as resources for local economic development. I believe in ERCMOVE's broad vision to contribute to make this world a better place to live in.

Lilia Casanova, M.A. Urban Planning

Lilia Casanova is currently the director for Environment Management of the Philippine Women’s University, Philippines prior to occupying this position, she was the former deputy director, United Nations Environmental Program (UNEP) based in Japan.



Motivation for joining ERCMOVE

ERCMOVE’s objectives to assist migrant workers coincide well with my personal objective to contribute to the welfare of overseas filipino professionals and specialists. In particular, I think the aim of ERCMOVE to convert the resources of these compatriots abroad into productive investments in the Philippines through their remittances is very noble. It is worth supporting.

Emine Dalyan, MA Political Science

Emine Dalyan completed her Master's degree in Political Science (The Netherlands) and B.A. in International Relations (Turkey). Her area of interest is democratization in developing countries. Her countries of work experience are: The Netherlands, Portugal, and Turkey.



Motivation for joining ERCMOVE

Mrs. Corazon Dee is one of the founders of ERCMOVE. I met her while we were taking Dutch classes together. Beyond the Dutch grammar, we also had the opportunity to discuss the changing paradigms and contexts of development most specifically affecting the poor not only in developing countries but in developed countries as well. She asked me to become a volunteer at ERCMOVE. I have a very positive overall attitude to render volunteer work and very eager to become part of the development of a nongovernment organization. Since September 2004, I have been an active volunteer of ERCMOVE and have joined two international conferences.

Gerda Dommerholt, MSc Sociology

Gerda Dommerholt is a social scientist by profession who retired from the national civil service and welcomes the opportunity to share her time with ERCMOVE. She has a vast experience in working with African countries.

Motivation for joining ERCMOVE

Being a social scientist and working in the Ministry of Foreign Affairs on the subject of Migration and Development, I tried to contact as many migrant organisation and organisations supporting migrant organizations as possible to get informed about the efforts of migrants concerning their countries of origin. This was very much needed in the ministry, because hardly any contact existed with the main actors in the field of migration and development, e.g., the migrants themselves. One of the results was the invitation by NOVIB to participate in the expert meeting in March 2003 and in October 2004. In the latter, some people took the initiative to start ERCMOVE. I was very much interested to support this organization, specially as I was leaving the ministry (pre-pension) and would like to use my knowledge I gathered the last years on migration and development in supporting the migrant organisations more directly.

Adri Hartkoorn, MA Urban Planning

Adri Hartkoorn is an Urban Manager with broad knowledge of and experience in development and urban development in (Botswana, Tanzania, Philippines and Albania) as well as in The Netherlands. The more recent tasks included Programme Manager of the European URBAN II development Programme in Rotterdam. Presently he acts as the Programme Secretary in the Managing Authority of the European ERDF Kansen voor West Programme in the Randstad.

Motivation for joining ERCMOVE

My motivation to join ERCMOVE is, I like the concept of migrant workers joining together their resources to bring about development activities in their home areas. I think it is a simple and also an effective way of development. Next to the financial aspects - the whole thinking and discussion on how to bring changes is a worthwhile one. This whole process is interesting for both, the migrant worker as well as the people in the home country. One needs to discuss fundamental issues such as where, why and how to invest. Global relations become more visible and a real exchange of ideas can develop. And finally, there is the benefit of personal growth by doing this together.

Delia Neagu, MA Urban Management

I would like to mention that I am honoured to be invited as a Resource Person/Volunteer for ERCMOVE. I met Cora in 2001 ago while attending a short course on public management where she was a lecturer at IHS Rotterdam, Erasmus University. Since then, we tried to stay in contact with each other. Since 2003, I have been living in the Netherlands, and it was much easier to contact each other.

As a migrant it is not very easy to build up your own way in a foreign country; it requires a lot of optimism, perseverance, hard-work and for sure a bit of luck. I am eager to work together with ERCMOVE on projects related to migration and economic development and to help people develop themselves through their own way. I can contribute my work experience on different projects supported by diverse funds and donors based on my specialization in urban management field. I was graduated from the Urban Management Master Programme at Erasmus University in Rotterdam in 2004 and ever since I have been working on projects related to economic development in countries in transition, with focus on Romania, my country of origin.

Reinhard Skinner, Ph.D. Sociology

Reinhard Skinner, is a sociologist with 35 years’ working experience in the social development field in Asia, Africa and Latin America. He has worked in the international public service, the non-profit sector and as an independent consultant has carried out work for major donor and development agencies, such as the European Commission, United Nations, Netherlands Ministry of Foreign Affairs, DANIDA, DFID and GIZ. His skills encompass a number of sectors including poverty reduction, urban management, community participation, appropriate building technologies, institutional capacity building and monitoring and evaluation. He has published numerous books and articles on these subjects.

Motivation for joining ERCMOVE

Since I started working in the development field I have been confronted with negative images of migration which I have tried hard to change. Professional planners I have taught complained that large-scale internal migration makes city development unmanageable. Today many, but not all, of them have come round to seeing that migrants contribute positively to city growth in such terms as community upgrading and wealth generation. When living in developing countries I have seen how the remittances made by emigrants have contributed to physical and economic growth in their countries of origin. In El Salvador it has been equivalent to as much as a quarter of GDP and has been a lifeline for families who would otherwise be living in extreme poverty. As a development worker I believe maximum use should be made of this source of financial aid.

Orlino Pacioles Jr.

Orlino Pacioles is a Web Designer at Offshore Studios in the Philippines and has ten years of experience in designing state-of- the art websites for business entities in the Philippines and for clients abroad. This experience contributes to the fast growing BPO industry in the Philippines surpassing other countries in Asia. He completed his computer science and business management studies at the Ateneo de Davao University in the Philippines.

Motivation for joining ERCMOVE

I am greatly honoured to be invited to join ERCMOVE as a resource person/advisor for IT. I am willing to help maintain the organization’s website to keep it up-to-date with dynamic features continually being added, together with news about the different projects, services and relevant information about the organization.