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ERCMOVE and Global Partnership for Development

The Economic Resource Center for Migrants and Overseas Employees (ERCMOVE) as a migrant-led organization is engaged in “brain gain”. It taps the personal philanthropy of migrants to be change agents in their home countries particularly in the communities from where they come. Migrants and overseas employees go home for vacations and periodic visits where they use these opportunities to share their expertise as visiting lecturers in academic institutions, in communities through NGOs, and as advisors to families and relatives. ERCMOVE assists organized migrants in host countries to donate their own funds or raise funds and link up with local organizations in home countries to implement joint projects e.g. to support public elementary school pupils’ needs concerning nutrition, school supplies and materials; to support cost of living allowance for poor high school and college scholars; to upgrade library facilities; to conduct environmental meetings and fora; and to advocate for a sustainable environment.

ERCMOVE and Microfinance

Poor people never run short of good ideas, but what they often lack is the means to transform their dreams into reality. Poor households’ access to credit, savings, insurance, and other microfinance services is essential. Microfinance services enable poor people to become entrepreneurs and investors, to protect themselves against risks, and to help cover unforeseen expenses arising from serious illness or loss of assets. Access to financial services is, therefore, a decisive factor in moving from the struggle for survival towards improved living conditions. However, in developing countries, 90 percent of the population remains excluded from financial services such as credit, savings, and insurance schemes.

The innovative services that fall under microfinance services are: microcredit, microenterprise, microsavings, microtransfers, and microinsurance. These are non-traditional financial services which are offered by NGOs in developing countries and recently adopted by banks and other financial institutions.

Inspired by the innovative microfinance services for the poor, ERCMOVE has embarked on a comprehensive program for migrants’ and overseas employees’ microsavings and microinvestments in host countries for two important purposes: firstly, for their own use in times of need, for their retirement and/or integration into the social and economic activities in the host countries; and, secondly, for use in helping others through microinvestments or microcredit in their countries of origin. Pooled microsavings and microinvestments of migrants and overseas employees can contribute significantly to the economic activities in the host countries. In the home countries, microcredit is one of the avenues through which microinvestments are put to good use at the community level in promoting local socio-economic development.

ERCMOVE is guided by the goals of the International Year of Microcredit and the MDGs:

  1. promote the contribution of microfinance and microcredit to the sustainable development goals  (SDGs) which replaced the millenium development goals (MDGs);
  2. increase public awareness and understanding of microfinance and microcredit as vital parts of the development equation;
  3. promote inclusive financial sectors;
  4. support sustainable access to financial services; and
  5. encourage innovation and new partnerships by promoting and supporting strategic partnerships to build and expand the reach and success of microcredit and microfinance.
ERCMOVE and the Sustainable Development Goals

In 2000 the United Nations launched the eight MDGs which includes the diminution of poverty, illiteracy and hunger, discrimination against women, unsafe drinking water, and a degraded environment. This year, 2015, the MDGs are replaced by the SDGs, seventeen goals listed in “Transforming our world: the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development”.

For more information on the MDGs and SDGs, please visit:

ERCMOVE continues to support Microcredit. The UN defines Microcredit as “a small amount of money loaned to a client by a bank or other institution”.  For more information on the International Year of Microcredit, visit
Microcredit is not charity […] It is recognition that poor people are the solution.

- Kofi Annan
Former UN Secretary General